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Boat Insurance on Lake Minnetonka

Boat Insurance

Get the Right Protection for Your Peace of Mind

Lake Minnetonka is one of the most beautiful and fun places to go boating in all of the Upper Midwest. Its miles of tree-rimmed shoreline, easy access from the Twin Cities, and motor-up eateries make it a go-to destination in nice weather and a popular location for year-round residence. When you take your boat out on Lake Minnetonka, make sure you have the right protection with boat insurance.

Boat insurance protects you, your boat passengers, and other people out on the lake, whether they are fellow boaters, kayakers, water skiers, or tubers. It also protects your boat, which is a significant asset, along with valuable personal property on board.

Many insurance options for your Lake Minnetonka boat

At Active Insurance Solutions, we’re independent agents with a large array of boat insurance products from over 20 major carriers available for you. Depending on the policy you select, there may be many elements to review:

  • Agreed value coverage: the predetermined amount to be covered if your boat is damaged or stolen
  • Deductible: an amount you pay out of pocket prior to your policy reimbursing you
  • Navigational area: where you plan to operate your boat (Do you operate from your residence on Lake Minnetonka, or do you go to the Great Lakes, the Boundary Waters, or Canada?)
  • Liability: coverage for others’ medical expenses and/or property following an accident where you are at fault
  • Medical payments: regardless of who is at fault, protection for you, your passengers, and others enjoying recreation on the water following injuries incurred while boating
  • Physical damage coverage: repair or replacement of the boat, which includes the motor, your boat trailer, and any permanently attached equipment
  • Uninsured/underinsured watercraft bodily injury: covers you, your boat, and property if you are in an accident with a boater who is uninsured
  • Fuel spill liability and wreckage removal: covers cleanup efforts if your boat is damaged or sinks
  • Personal effects: covers personal property aboard the boat, such as fishing gear, clothing, and mobile phones
  • Unattached equipment coverage: coverage for equipment not attached to the boat, like oars and lifesaving gear
  • Emergency assistance: just like roadside assistance for your vehicle, provides gas, a new battery, or towing if you are stranded on the water

Because there are so many options when it comes to boat insurance, we’re here to help you figure out what gives you all the coverage you need. We’ll tailor an insurance package just for you and help you understand the process for filing a claim.

Don’t risk going boating without the coverage you should have on Lake Minnetonka. We encourage all boaters to operate safely and with respect for others. Call us today at 952-479-5877 or use our easy online form for a fast quote.