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Home Insurance in Minnetonka, MN

Homeowner Insurance

Protect Your Investment

A home in Minnetonka, MN is an investment that you’ve no doubt worked hard to own. Don’t leave your largest asset at risk by not having the proper home insurance coverage.

The right home insurance policy can cover your home for loss or damage due to many unexpected events, like natural disasters, storms, fire, theft, and vandalism.

If your home needs to be repaired, renovated, or reconstructed, home insurance pays for the expense, so you aren’t left homeless or forced to dig into your life savings to compensate. In addition to covering your dwelling, home insurance also protects your personal property, including:

  • Your home’s interior furnishings
  • Large and small appliances
  • Electronics and mobile devices
  • Sporting goods
  • Clothing and personal items
  • Kids’ gear and toys

We are independent insurance agents at Active Insurance Solutions, and we have more than 20 of the country’s top insurance carriers available to provide you with a wide selection of home insurance products. Because we offer such a range of options, we can help you find a home insurance policy that fits your needs

Get liability coverage with your home insurance policy

Your Minnetonka home insurance policy offers other advantages beyond protection for your dwelling and your belongings. It also provides liability insurance that covers situations like someone sustaining an accident on your property and winning a legal judgment against you in court.

For even more liability coverage to give you greater peace of mind, we recommend adding an umbrella policy. This picks up where your home insurance policy leaves off for liability, and it’s ideal for higher risk homeowners like people with dogs.

Scheduled coverage for valuables

Do you have valuables that exceed the limit of a regular home insurance policy? We can easily add scheduled coverage for jewelry, collectibles, antiques, furs, and fine artwork.

Many customers aren’t sure how much home insurance coverage they need. Therefore, we suggest taking a video or photo inventory with your mobile phone. We can work with you to come up with an amount that works for you and your budget.

Your largest investment should get the protection it deserves with a solid home insurance policy. Don’t be surprised if your mortgage lender requires this coverage, whether you’re an established homeowner who is refinancing or someone buying their first home. We agree that it’s a wise move.

To get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is protected, call us today at 952-479-5877, and we’ll answer all your questions about home insurance policies. Or use our easy online form to request a quote, and we’ll get back to you with more information.